“The BEST sausage I have ever had!” Lisa McNulty

“Big Fork Brands Maple Bacon Sausage…has become a mainstay on our menu.” Chef Jeffery Mauro from Jam, Chicago

“Yum, Wow, Great at Last, Bold, Smoke… just the Right size THANK YOU” - Joe Palese

“I love these sausages… So good!” Alexis Gabay

“Best sausage I've ever eaten…I cannot say enough good things about the quality and taste.” Heath Kampa, Meat Coordinator, Menomonie Market Food Coop

“ Blew my mind. Seriously ridiculous….makes me want to be your local salesman to spread the flavor insanity...” – Tim Schwab

• “Those dogs were great, just the right amount of snap and smoke on them.  We grilled them inside and then served them with mustard and kraut, the flavor of the dog didn’t get lost in the condiments and it tasted great.  The size would work for us.”  - Barry Greenberg, Executive Chef, University of Iowa

• “I f*&^%ing loved it and the flavor is outstanding.” – Bill DiPaola, President, Dat Dog Franchising

• “OMG we ate the bacon jerky…….and no joke my husband’s quote “this is AMAZING” and he ran around the kitchen holding the bag refusing to give me any while he shoved piece after piece into his mouth - NO JOKE!” – Harriet Giannoukos