21 Day Jerky & Meat Stick Keto Challenge Meal Plan

21 Day Jerky & Meat Stick Keto Challenge Meal Plan


42 Bags of Jerky + 42 Sticks = 21 single meal replacement (we recommend lunch)

That equals 2 bags of jerky and 2 sticks per day, for 21 days.

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The ultimate dried meat lovers choice.  You get all 3 flavors of our craft pork jerky and craft pork snack sticks!  14 packs of each flavor of jerky and 14 sticks of each flavor.  Each pack of craft pork jerky includes:  11g of Protein.  100 Calories.  Paleo Friendly.  Antibiotic-Free.  Made in USA.  No Junk.  Gluten Free.  Each stick includes: 7g Protein. 50-60 Calories. Paleo & Keto Friendly. Antibiotic-Free. Made in the USA. No Junk. Gluten Free.

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You get 42 - 2.25 oz. packs of jerky (14 of each flavor) plus 42 - 1 oz. pork sticks (14 each flavor)

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