Big Fork Bacon Sausage Family


Hickory & Applewood

Our original flavor, with a complex blend of smoky notes to accent the sweet-saltiness of our nitrate-free bacon.  Winner of a Sofi Award at the Fancy Food Show in 2016.  A great all around cooking sausage, perfect for adding flavor to any dish with vegetables, pasta or gain dishes, soups, and stews.

New Retail Cheddar.JPG

Aged Cheddar

Loaded with Wisconsin made all-natural cheddar cheese, the perfect pairing with bacon.  Winner of Enquire Magazine’s Best Food in America in 2014.  This sausage is best on a bun with the topping of your choice.   


Maple & Brown Sugar

Our sweetest version, designed for breakfast and brunch; packed with flavor.  Using 100% pure maple syrup and dark brown sugar to accent the savory saltiness of our nitrate-free bacon.  Think using this sausage with pancakes, waffles, French toast, or eggs.  The choice between bacon and sausage has now been made for you. 


Cracked Black Pepper

Similar to our Hickory & Applewood flavor but with cracked black pepper blended in throughout the sausage.  Seasoned generously with freshly cracked black pepper, an excellent pairing with all-natural bacon.  Winner of the Extreme Bacon Bite Challenge in 2015.  A great all around cooking sausage, perfect for adding flavor to any dish with vegetables, pasta or gain dishes, soups, and stews.


Chicken & Bacon

Our lowest fat & calorie sausage.  Nearly half the fat and calories compared to our Hickory & Applewood, we still add nitrate-free bacon we just substitute all the pork with Gap 2 certified chicken white meat tenderloins.   A great all around cooking or on-a-bun sausage, perfect for adding flavor to any dish with vegetables, pasta or gain dishes, soups, and stews.


Spicy 3 - Pepper

This is our spicy bacon sausage.  Made with fresh jalapenos, dried habaneros, and crushed red chilies, this bacon sausage is for the spicy lover.  Two-time winner at the Culinary Fight Club.  A great cooking sausage paired with something sweet (like apples or mangos) or something sour (e.g. hot and sour stir fry), it’s also great to add heat, smoke, and bacon notes to jambalaya, chili, and soups.  



Our blended mushroom & bacon sausage that’s incredibly addictive.  We use roasted diced portabella mushrooms in at 20% of the entire recipe.  Winner of the Gourmet Retailer’s Editors Pick in 2016.  A great all around on-a-bun and cooking sausage, perfect to chop an toss into eggs, sauté into pasta, or enjoy whole on a bun. 


Bacon & Ale

Our attempt and pairing two of the best ingredients into one:  bacon and beer.  We work with craft brewer, Two Brothers Brewery, who makes a low IBU Weiss beer called Abel’s Weiss.  We add this beer at 8% of the entire recipe.  Winner at the Bacon & Beer Classic in 2015.  This sausage is best enjoyed on a pretzel bun, with caramelized onions that aredeglazed with beer, stone ground mustard, and a great sauerkraut. 


Big Fork Craft Pork Jerky


Original Craft Pork Jerky

Just try and find a cleaner jerky on the market with only 6 ingredients.  Yet it packs a serious flavorful punch.  So much so we highly suggest you do not operate heavy machinery while consuming our craft pork jerky.  Using 100% Berkshire Hogs that are raised outdoors in the clean Iowa air is a good start.  Then we add a little sea salt, and just the right amount of cane sugar for the perfect balance. 


Maple Craft Pork Jerky

We take our Original flavor and dip it into 100% pure maple syrup from Vermont.  Containing only 100 calories per package and loaed with 11 gram of protein, this is a sweet-tooth's dream come true.   Though more sweet than our Original, Maple Craft Pork Jerky is still Paleo friendly, gluten free, and made in the USA. 


Spicy 3-Pepper Craft Pork Jerky

Can you handle the heat?  We use ground habaneros, cracked black pepper, and crushed red chilies to bring the heat!  If ordering Thai food, this would be 7 out of 10 in the pad thai heat scale.  This all-natural pork jerky not only brings the heat but it also bring the protein, with 11 grams per package.