The Jerky Challenge!!

During an early morning spinning class on April 10, 2018, Founder of Big Fork Brands, Lance Avery, had an inspirational idea.  Eat what you create to lose the weight.  Conveniently, the jerky he created comes in a clean-label, 100-calorie; 11 grams of protein packs, so it’s an easy way regulate calorie consumption. 

The goal:  lose 20 lbs. or stay on the jerky fast for 21 days, whatever happens first. 

Why?  Frustrated by his slow weight gain over the years, Lance decided more extreme measures were needed.

The Skinny:  consume up to 8 packs of Big Fork Brands Craft Pork Jerky a day along with ample amounts of water, a cup of coffee in the morning, 3 tablets of Dr. Tobias Vitality Multi Vitamin, tea in the evening, and after the first week, he adding one healthy vegetable side for dinner (under 300 calories). 


Day 1 of the Jerky Challenge


Day 21 of the Jerky Challenge


Results:  within the first week he lost 10 lbs.  By the end of week 2 he had shed 12 lbs.  In the end, he took the entire jerky challenge of 21 day loosing a total of 13.5 lbs.

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