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Our Meats



    • Antibiotic Free PORK


    • Naturally smoked using real hardwood

    • 100% Berkshire Hogs - Raised Outdoors by Small independent farmers in iowa



    • GLUTEN




    • Hormones

    • AntibioticS

    • Soy


Bacon Sausage...

Wait, what???

We work with small independent family farmers in Iowa that raise 100% Berkshire Hogs outdoors, without the use of antibiotics.  Using the best tasting bacon on the planet is one of the reason why our sausage tastes so good.   The bacon is nitrate-free and hardwood smoked.  We grind the amazing bacon with pork and add a little pure brown sugar and sea salt.  Then we naturally encase the sausage and smoke it using a combination of hickory and applewood hardwoods.  Our sausage is made the traditional smokehouse way, with one difference, we cram as much bacon into every encased meat we make. On the premise that bacon makes everything better, we’re making sausage better with BACON.  That’s basically it.  Keeping it pure and simple, letting the clean pork and smoky bacon speak for itself.  Available in 8 smoky flavors:  Hickory & Applewood, Aged, Cheddar, Maple & Brown Sugar, Cracked Black Pepper, Chicken & Bacon, Spicy 3-Pepper, Portabella, and Bacon & AleClick here to buy the entire experience.


Craft Pork Jerky

Big Fork knows that everyone loves bacon, so we crafted a bacon-inspired pork jerky so you can enjoy the flavor of bacon anytime, anywhere, without guilt.  Big Fork Craft Pork Jerky is meaty, smoky, sweet, savory, and most importantly craveable.  Big Fork supports small independent farmers in Iowa who raise 100% Berkshire Hogs outdoors. These hogs are not treated with antibiotics, so you know you are getting premium-quality, handcrafted, delicious jerky. We use the best tasting pork on the planet.  We slice the lean pork thin and marinate it overnight.   Then it’s slow smoked and dried in small batches to a perfect tender bite and texture.  Packed with 11 grams of Paleo friendly protein and totaling 100 calories per pack, this is one lean, mean, fighting machine.  Like all of our products, Big Fork always uses only simple and clean ingredients.  You can taste the difference.  Available in 3 mouthwatering flavors:  Original, Maple, and Spicy 3-PepperTo buy them direct from us click here.

Craft Pork Snack Stick

Being Hangry is no fun for you or those around you.  That's why Big Fork created our line of Craft Pork Snack Sticks.  This on-the-go, clean label protein is not only delish, but they are also made with only clean and pure ingredients good for your body and mind.  Each snack stick is only 50 calories yet pack 7 grams of lean, belly-filling protein in each easy to carry stick.  Available in 3 tasty flavors:  Original, Maple-Pepper, and Thai Green CurryTo buy them direct from us click here.


Best New Food in America

"Worthy & Necessary Innovation."

— Esquire Magazine


Our Story

Big Fork Brands was established in 2011 in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood by husband and wife Lance & Ann Avery.

The Bacon Sausage journey began in 2008 when Lance, an award winning chef, visited the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.  Inspired by his own and the multitudes of bacon lovers' passion, Lance envisioned an innovation that would capture the essence of bacon in a unique way.

Lance hit the kitchen with his vision, talent, determination, meat grinder, and of course bacon, to combine two of American's favorite meats - bacon & sausage, into one Super Meat.   

After over 100 variations, Lance knew his labor of love was ready.  He unveiled his masterpiece where it all began - back at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

“We knew if we were going to make sausage in Chicago, and live up to Chicago’s long-standing sausage reputation, we needed to use only the highest quality ingredients, and make something we could stand behind. That’s why our sausages are all-natural, nitrite-free, without hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. We cram as much bacon into every encased meat that we do, and add little else. This simplicity lets the bacon flavor shine though,” explains Lance.  Big Fork works with small independent farmers in Iowa that raise Berkshire hogs outdoors without the use of antibiotics ever.

Today, Big Fork Brands product line is available in many areas of the country. 

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