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Welcome Big Fork Badassadors!


A Big Fork Badassador is one who loves good food, has an appreciation for sausage, and a passion for bacon. The Big Fork Badassador is part of a tight knit community of Big Fork enthusiasts – a club for fans like you to stay in the know about anything and everything having to do with Big Fork.

Along with regular newsletter updates and exclusive deals, each member of the Big Fork Badassador Family receives access to an exclusive personalized web page on our site.

There you can see your member information, rate and submit recipes, earn badges for performing your civic duty as a Badassador, and more. As the family continues to grow, we plan to provide additional content and interactive opportunities, including access to videos, exclusive merchandise, and special invitations to events we are doing throughout the year.

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The Details:

Point system:

Sign up = 5 points
Daily visit = 1 point
Publishing content on your Big Fork Profile= 4 points
Commenting on Big Fork articles, recipes or profiles = 2 points
Social media links = 4 points
View videos on YouTube = 2 points
Referral someone to the Badassador Club= 5 points


We LOVE when our Badassadors use our hash tag #Bigforkbadassador on their social media profiles!


What You Get:

30 points = $10 off your shopping cart order

40 points = Big Fork Badassador T-Shirt – only available to BADASSADORS

80 points = Big Fork Badassador Visor – only available to BADASSADORS

100 points = Special VIP access to a festival or event Big Fork is participating

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